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Our Farm

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**CLOSED SEASON 2019/2020!! **

Re-Opening Late 2020

Vertical Pick Your Own Strawberries!! Easy on the ol' back, pram and wheelchair accessible, synthetic chemical free and best of all... they are amazingly sweet and juicy!



We recommend getting in as early as possible, as we can be picked out early. We keep our facebook page updated throughout the course of the day to let you know when we are closing!


Once the warmer weather arrives, generally the start of December and there is an abundance of fresh berries for you to pick, we will be open 6 days, subject to strawberry availability.


If we could make them grow and ripen faster for you, we definitely would!! 😉

Your Thoughts...

'Great place! No bending, you can walk through and pick your strawberries... Perfect for the lil ones! My 3 sons loved picking their Strawberrys today...Highly Recommend' - Donna

'Came down for something to do with my nieces to fill in time, best decision I've made all year. Berries were ripe, fresh, good sized and much better tasting than some of the other places nearby. We'll be back next week.' - Rhiannon

'Quite simply the best place to go for pick your own strawberries, no bending, easy access and the most delicious strawberries around. Highly recommend this place for the whole family to enjoy..........will most definitely be going back ;) 10/10.' - Tina



It's innovative and sustainable farming at it's finest. Loved and accessible to all, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the delights of picking your own berries!

• There isn't a need for initial ground fumigation prior to planting (as with conventional growing) 
• We are synthetic chemical free, using plant based products only as required. 
• Water use is minimised
• There are the equivalent nu

Spacing between our 'Strawberry Trees' allows for adequate wheelchair and pram access, making it an experience everyone can embrace! The ability to pick from differing heights, whether you have a toddler, a bad back and can't bend or are 10 feet tall, means that there is the perfect strawberry height just for you!!mber of plants on our farm, condensed into a third of the land required by other strawberry farms


391-411 The Avenue of Honour, Bacchus Marsh
Avoid confusion... If you're coming from Melbourne, we are the THIRD strawberry farm, only one on the RIGHT! ;)

MELBOURNE: Take the first Bacchus Marsh exit, drive approx 2kms FROM THE START of the Avenue of Honour and we are on the RIGHT hand side... just next to The Fruits of Life produce stall.
GEELONG: Turn left at the intersection of Woolpack Rd and The Avenue, we are on the right.
BALLARAT: Take the first Bacchus Marsh exit, turn right and drive through town. The Avenue is the extension of the Main St. We are on the left.


Our Farm

Our Farm is located in Bacchus Marsh, on the fertile banks of the Lerderderg River. Come and pay us a visit, just make sure you bring your gumboots!

Ask for Sam, he’d be happy to take you out to the farm to see how we grow our farm fresh produce.

We've got over 80 years of horticultural growing experience, and we think the results speak for themselves - high quality, crispy, fresh produce, with individual character and multi-dimensional flavour. Absolutely delicious!

We harvest direct from Our Farm every day, so we're always delivering farm fresh and tasty produce. By growing the produce ourselves, we think we can give a little extra. From planting through to harvest, we invest our own hard work and expertise into tending and cultivating our crops.



Growing for Summer 2020

As the warmer weather approaches, we are growing a range of farm fresh vegetables, perfect 

for those summer salads and simple stirfries! This summer, we’re planting, growing and harvesting:

Grandpa's Tomatoes


Curly Red & Green Kale





Cos Lettuce

Green Cabbage

Iceberg Lettuce

Red Cabbage


Savoy Cabbage


Tuscan Cabbage





Spring Onions





Dutch Carrots                 




English Spinach





Our Famous Grandpa's Tomatoes




Our famous tomato – named after Angie, the seed for Grandpa’s tomatoes has been passed down through the generations of our family. They are full of flavour and have a unique shape – they really are the way tomatoes were meant to be!


Our Grandpa’s tomatoes are great when used in sandwiches, or used as a base for a pasta sauce. Sprinkle with a little salt to extract full flavour – they are absolutely delicious! 
We also have our very own range of relish, chutney, pasta and tomato sauces (and more!) made from produce harvested from our farm!! The range is available both at the shop or for you to order online!!