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Fruit - Berries and Cherries

Blueberries (punnet)

Blueberries are a native of North America and are scrumptious when served as blueberry pie, compote,...

$7.99 punnet

A member of the rose family, blackberries are scrumptious when served as a pie, on top of your muesl...

$7.99 each

Eat them fresh, or add them to salads or ice cream, use them as a garnish, or marinade them in port....

Raspberries (punnet)

An interesting quality of the raspberry is that it is a ‘hollow’ fruit (they do not have a core; the...

$6.99 punnet

Strawberries are delicious when eaten fresh, served with ice cream, blended in a milkshake or added ...

$7.99 250g
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