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Fruit - Tropical & Exotic Fruit


Coconuts are natives to Micronesia, and can be found on most islands and tropical regions that borde...

$3.30 each
Coconut - Young - Drinking (Not Available)

Also known as young or immature coconut, this is nature’s own sport drink! Containing the same elect...

$0.00 Not Available
Dates (Fresh)

Product of America. Dates are the fleshy fruit of a palm, and have been described as natures candy. ...


$6.00 each
Figs **Our Farm**

A deep purple skin covers a brilliantly enticing texture and a fantastically sweet flavour. Figs are...

$2.10 each
Kiwi Fruit - Gold (Not Available)

Developed by New Zealand growers by mixing wild yellow female with green male kiwis, gold kiwi fruit...

$0.00 Not Available
Kiwi Fruit - Green

Product of New Zealand. Originating in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, kiwifruit are also kn...

$1.00 each
Lychees (Not Available)

Considered as a symbol of romance for the Chinese, the sweet and juicy flesh of a lychee is fantasti...

$0.00 Not Available

Fragrant and deliciously sweet, mangoes can be enjoyed fresh, in a fruit salad, in cocktails or in a...


A native of Brazil, passionfruit have a wonderfully fragrant juicy pulp. They are brilliant when eat...

$1.00 each
Paw Paw (Not Available)

Paw paw (also known as papaya and tree melon) has a unique flavour and a consistency similar to a ma...

$0.00 Not Available

Persimmons are regarded as the national fruit of Japan and are delicious when freshly sliced in a sa...

$0.00 Not Available
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