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Vegies - Mushrooms

Mushrooms - Cup **Local**

Cups are the same variety as buttons, just grown a little longer until the cap begins to open. Cups ...

Mushrooms - Flat

Flats are the same variety as buttons and cups, just grown until the cap has fully expanded. Flats h...

Mushrooms - Enoki (Not Available)

Originating just below the snow-line in the mountains of Japan, enoki mushrooms have a mild, fruity ...

$0.00 Not Available
Mushrooms - Oyster (Not Available)

Oyster mushrooms have a pearly white colour and are shaped like an oyster shell. Their delicate tast...

$0.00 Not Available
Mushrooms - Shitake (Not Available)

This little gem has been used medicinally by the Chinese for over 6,000 years. Today, they're loved ...

$0.00 Not Available
Mushrooms - Swiss Brown (Not Available)

Coming from the same family as the button mushroom, the swiss brown has a stronger and nuttier flavo...

$0.00 Not Available
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