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This Week's Specials

**SPECIAL ALERT** Tomatoes - Grandpa's **Our Own Variety

Our famous tomato – named after Angie, the seed for Grandpa’s tomatoes has been passed down through ...

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The week's specials available in the click of a button... click to see!!...

FRUITY TOOTY - Click here for this week's selection!

Fruit, fruit, fruit! Loads of seasonal fruit! Great for a quick snack, on top of your breakfast or i...

$30.00 each
VEGIE BOX - Click here for this week's selection!

Always choosing the same vegies each week? This little box gives you different vegies to experiment ...

$30.00 each
EASY EATERS - Click here for this week's selection!!

Too busy? Too easy - take the rush out of your week by having your fruit and veg home delivered with...

$30.00 each
MY BACKYARD BOX - Click here for this week's selection!

Filled with seasonal produce hand-picked directly from our farm as well as fruit and veg sourced fro...

$39.50 each
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