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An excellent substitue for salt, dill is used in European foods. The bright green colour of dill is ...

$4.00 each

A staple ingredient in many Asian dishes, lemongrass adds a fantastic flavour when added to a dish, ...

$3.00 each
Mint (Organic) **Our Farm!**

With a brilliant aroma and a distinctively fresh taste, mint is a great addition to many Asian dishe...

$4.00 each

The word oregano has its origins in the Greek phrase ‘Joy of the mountains,’ and is a staple ingredi...

$4.00 each
Rosemary (Organic) **Our Farm!**

An excellent addition to a lamb roast, rosemary has a pine-like fragrance and is packed full of flav...

$4.00 each

With a slightly sweet and savoury flavour, sage is often used as a marinade, or to flavour meats. It...

$4.00 each

Extensively used in Medditeranean and French cuisine, thyme has a peppery taste and adds a great fla...

$4.00 each
Fresh Bay Leaves

$4.00 each
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Turmeric - Fresh

$1.50 50g
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