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Fruit, Vegies & Herbs

Strawberries (Our Farm - Hydroponic) - Frozen (approx 750g)

Australian Strawberries, packaged by The Fruits of Life. Please note: Our delivery van does not have...

$12.00 each
Pineapple (Aust) - Frozen (approx 900g)

Australian Pineapples, packaged by The Fruits of Life. Please note: Our delivery van does not have a...

$12.00 each
Turmeric - Fresh

$1.50 50g

Fragrant and deliciously sweet, mangoes can be enjoyed fresh, in a fruit salad, in cocktails or in a...

Nectarines - White (Not Available)

White nectarines are slightly sweeter than yellow nectarines. They are great eaten fresh, or when us...

$0.00 Not Available
Peaches - White (Not Available)

Luscious, gorgeous and dripping with juice, bite into one and taste the sweetness....

$0.00 Not Available
Nectarines - Yellow (Not Available)

Nectarines have a deliciously sweet aroma and a juicy, delectable flesh. They are great eaten fresh...

$0.00 Not Available
Peaches - Yellow (Not Available)

With a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a gorgeously sweet taste, it’s little wonder that peaches have...

$0.00 Not Available
Cherries (Not Available)

Eat them fresh, or add them to salads or ice cream, use them as a garnish, or marinade them in port....

$0.00 Not Available
Apricots (Not Available)

The refreshing flavour of an apricot makes them a total summer treat. And they’re versatile – eat th...

Cucumber - Apple

Apple cucumbers are crunchy and refreshing; they have a similar taste to a green cucumber, only bigg...

$1.70 each
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