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Dairy, Bakery & Nuts

Pacific - Organic Almond Milk (Non-Dairy) (Sold out)

We take organic almonds and add a gentle roast to allow their natural flavor to shine through. The r...

$6.45 each
Bonsoy (Sold out)

$4.62 1 ltr
Bio-dynamic 2 Litre Unhomogenised Milk (Organic)

Bio-dynamic - Working with nature, this milk is sourced from DEMETER certified bio-dynamic farms. Th...

$6.70 each
Summer Snow Apple Blend Apple Juice

A combination of Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and other green varieties!...

$6.50 2 litres
Summer Snow Fuji Apple Juice

The sweetest of our juices with a full rich apple flavour!...

$6.50 2 litres
Summer Snow Granny Smith Apple Juice

A crisp, tart and refreshing juice!...

$6.50 2 litres
Summer Snow Pear Juice

Containing 40% pear and 60% apple juice, this flavour has a smooth refreshing flavour which is popul...

$6.50 2 litres
Summer Snow Pink Lady Apple Juice

The most popular of our juices. An apple which gives a beautiful blend of sweetness and sharpness fo...

$6.50 2 litres
Summer Snown Royal Gala Apple Juice

Enjoy the sweet fresh flavour of Royal Gala apples with this delicious full flavoured juice....

$6.50 2 litres
Eggs - Free Range Chicken - 10 Wrapped (Jumbo)

10 jumbo free range chicken eggs...

$5.45 each
Eggs - Free Range Chicken - Dozen

1 Dozen Free Range Chicken Eggs

$7.99 each
Meredith Dairy - Natural Sheep's Yoghurt (with acidophilus)

Sheep milk yoghurt with beneficial cultures, is twice as nutirtious as other yoghurts and it tastes ...

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