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Inglenook Dairy - Cream Top Milk

Our Cream Top milk is one of the best available on the market. It is old fashioned milk, where the c...

$4.95 2 litres
Inglenook Dairy - Full Cream Milk

Our Full Cream milk is our largest selling product due to its popularity in the coffee scene. Unlike...

$4.95 2 litres
Inglenook Dairy - Low Fat Milk

Our Low Fat milk is one of the best tasting modified milks available. We simply remove the excess c...

$4.95 2 litres
Demeter - Bio-dynamic Unhomogenised Milk (Organic)

Bio-dynamic - Working with nature, this milk is sourced from DEMETER certified bio-dynamic farms. Th...

$6.70 each
Meredith Dairy - Goat's Cheese Feta (320g)

Marinated in extra virgin olive oil blend garlic & thyme...

$10.35 each
Eggs - Free Range Chicken - 10 Wrapped (Jumbo)

10 jumbo free range chicken eggs...

$5.95 each
Eggs - Free Range Chicken (Tray of 30)

Tray of 30 (2 1/2 dozen) Free r+Range Chicken Eggs ...

$8.95 each
Eggs - Free Range Chicken - Dozen

1 Dozen Free Range Chicken Eggs

$7.99 each
Summer Snow Apple Blend Apple Juice

Itís not every day you get to remake a classic. But unlike most other apple blends out there, Iím an...

$6.50 2 litres
Summer Snow Fuji Apple Juice

Iím made from an apple with a rich, honey-sweet taste. Did I mention sweet? I just canít help being ...

$6.50 2 litres
Summer Snow Granny Smith Apple Juice

Do what Granny says because I can pack a punch! Iím sharp and crisp and not for the faint hearted. W...

$6.50 2 litres
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