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Just Arrived

Grapes - Thompson Seedless

The most popular variety – thompson seedless grapes have a juicy, delicate texture and a refreshingl...

Kiwi Fruit - Gold

Developed by New Zealand growers by mixing wild yellow female with green male kiwis, gold kiwi fruit...

$1.00 each
Apples - Jonathan

Prepare the senses for the juicy, crisp taste, and sweet aromatics of a Jonathan apple! Jonathan’s s...

$1.10 ea - Lge
SPECIAL ALERT!! Apples - Pink Lady - ORGANIC, Local Unwaxed @ 60c each!!

Pink Lady apples (also known as a Cripps Pink) have their origins in Australia. They are a cross bet...

$0.60 each

$4.50 each
Apples - Red Delicious **New Season - Local Unwaxed**

Red Delicious apples are sweet, with a floury and fine-grained texture. Best of all, they have a del...

$0.35 ea - Sml
Grapes - Dried Sultana

Grapes dried on their stems! Cultivated as far back as 5,000 B.C. it is thought that grapes were bro...

Pears - Packham

Pears have been enjoyed by civilizations for over 3,000 years! Packham pears are a juicy and sweet v...


Persimmons are regarded as the national fruit of Japan and are delicious when freshly sliced in a sa...

$0.75 each
Pears - Corella

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