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Fruit - All Fruit

Grapefruit - Ruby Red

The ruby red was discovered in the late 1920's in Texas as a mutation on a pink grapefruit tree. Fro...

$2.70 each
Grapefruit - Yellow

Believed to be a hybrid of a pomelo and an orange, this juicy citrus is best enjoyed as a breakfast ...

$2.70 each
Grapes - White

Product of America. The most popular variety white grapes have a juicy, delicate texture and a ref...

Grapes - Crimson Seedless

Product of America. Crimson Seedless have a crisp, crunchy texture and a sweet, slightly tart flavou...

Grapes - Dried Sultana (Not Available)

Grapes dried on their stems! Cultivated as far back as 5,000 B.C. it is thought that grapes were bro...

$0.00 Not Available
Honey Dew

The sweet honey-like flavour of this melon makes it ideal when eaten fresh, in a salad, or as a dese...

Kiwi Fruit - Gold

Developed by New Zealand growers by mixing wild yellow female with green male kiwis, gold kiwi fruit...

$1.20 each
Kiwi Fruit - Green

Product of New Zealand. Originating in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, kiwifruit are also kn...

$0.80 each

The bittersweet taste of a lemon is incredibly versatile; it can be used as a garnish for seafood or...

$1.10 each

The tangy taste and brilliant green colour of a lime makes them ideal accompaniments to drinks, seaf...

$0.95 each
Mandarins - Afourer

$0.50 ea - Sml
Oranges - Blood

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