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A native of Brazil, passionfruit have a wonderfully fragrant juicy pulp. They are brilliant when eat...

$1.00 each
Pears - Beurre Bosc **New Season**

Beurre Bosc originated in France in 1835 (‘buerre’ is the French term for butter, and is meant to sy...

$1.25 each
Pears - Corella

$1.10 each
Pears - Nashi

Also known as the Sand Pear or the Crystal Pear, Nashis are extremely juicy and have the crispness a...

$1.65 ea - Lge
Pears - Packham

(Available until 27 May, unless sold out sooner) Pears have been enjoyed by civilizations for over 3...


Persimmons are regarded as the national fruit of Japan and are delicious when freshly sliced in a sa...

Pineapples - Sweet

Pineapple is the universal symbol of hospitality. Believed to be a native of Brazil, smooth leaf var...

$2.50 ea - Sml
Pineapples - Topless

Without the leafy tops, these pineapples are easier to transport and store. Consistently sweet, juic...

$0.00 Not Available

The yellow-purple skin of a pomegranate covers hundreds of edible kernels and a gelatine-like flesh....

$3.99 each
Raspberries (punnet)

An interesting quality of the raspberry is that it is a ‘hollow’ fruit (they do not have a core; the...

$8.00 each

$5.00 each
Apples - Red Delicious **New Season**

Red Delicious apples are sweet, with a floury and fine-grained texture. Best of all, they have a del...

$1.00 ea - Lge
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