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Fruit - All Fruit

Kiwi Fruit - Green

Product of New Zealand. Originating in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, kiwifruit are also kn...

$0.80 each

The bittersweet taste of a lemon is incredibly versatile; it can be used as a garnish for seafood or...

$1.25 each

The tangy taste and brilliant green colour of a lime makes them ideal accompaniments to drinks, seaf...

$1.80 each

Fragrant and deliciously sweet, mangoes can be enjoyed fresh, in a fruit salad, in cocktails or in a...

$2.50 each
Nectarines - White **New Season**

White nectarines are slightly sweeter than yellow nectarines. They are great eaten fresh, or when us...

$0.70 each
Nectarines - Yellow **New Season**

Nectarines have a deliciously sweet aroma and a juicy, delectable flesh. They are great eaten fresh...

$0.60 each
Oranges - Navel

Navels got their name after the navel-like formation at the blossom end of the fruit. They are treme...

Oranges - Valencia **New Season**

Named after the Spanish town renowned for its orange trees, Valencia oranges have an excellent flavo...

$0.30 each

A native of Brazil, passionfruit have a wonderfully fragrant juicy pulp. They are brilliant when eat...

$1.30 each
Peaches - White **New Season**

Luscious, gorgeous and dripping with juice, bite into one and taste the sweetness....

$0.70 each
Pears - Beurre Bosc

Beurre Bosc originated in France in 1835 (‘buerre’ is the French term for butter, and is meant to sy...

$1.00 each
Pears - Corella

$1.10 each
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