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Fruit - All Fruit

Pineapples - Topless

Without the leafy tops, these pineapples are easier to transport and store. Consistently sweet, juic...

$6.00 ea - Lge
Plums - Blood

With a blood red flesh and a high sugar content, blood plums are a true summer delight. They are gre...

$0.70 each
Plums **New Season**

Plums make for an ideal snack. They are great when eaten fresh, or added to a fruit salad or fruit p...

$1.10 large

The yellow-purple skin of a pomegranate covers hundreds of edible kernels and a gelatine-like flesh....

$5.00 each
Raspberries (punnet)

An interesting quality of the raspberry is that it is a ‘hollow’ fruit (they do not have a core; the...

$5.00 each
Peaches - Clingstone

So called because their flesh clings to the stone, they have a soft texture and a sweet and juicy fl...

$1.45 large
Watermelon - Seedless

Seedless watermelon have all the taste of their longer cousins, but without the pips! They are creat...

Dehydrated Pear **Our Own**

Dehydrated Banana **Our Own**

Dehydrated Apple **Our Own**

Dehydrated Pinepple **Our Own**

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