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Product of Mexico. Believed to be a native of south-western Asia, garlic is highly nutritious, and its sweet, nutty flavour adds intricacy to any dish! It’s a fantastic base vegetable for many dishes, and it’s also a flavoursome accompaniment to a lamb roast!

How do we make sure we provide top quality garlic?

We only supply garlic if it is plump (the general rule is the denser the garlic is, the fresher it is), and firm to the touch. We make sure the skin is firm and tight: no loose skin (which indicates dehydration) or signs of wrinkles. The cloves must be tightly packed and free from sprouting (sprouting is an indication of over-maturity).

Where do we source our garlic from?

Garlic requires cool temperatures during planting, and warmer temperatures as it grows. In Victoria, the Sunraysia and Riverland districts are the best garlic growing environments, and we source most of our garlic from around these regions.

What is the best way to keep garlic?

Garlic stores best in an uncovered (or loosely covered) container in a cool area. Make sure you store it away from light (which encourages sprouting and diminishes the taste) and don't store it in the freezer (freezing garlic destroys its texture). Once the head of the garlic is broken, the storage life of the cloves is much more limited, so make sure you use it in relatively short order.

Garlic nutritional information

Interestingly, the compounds responsible for many of garlic's nutritional benefits are also responsible for garlic's pungent sulphuric smell. These compounds (including thiosulphinates, sulphoxides and dithiins) are believed to have numerous benefits, including cardiovascular benefits (such as lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow through the body), antibacterial and antiviral benefits (they combine with vitamin C to create a powerful weapon against colds and viruses), and energy replenishing benefits (a quality that has been known since antiquity – garlic was given to the slaves who built the Pyramids to enhance their endurance and strength!). Garlic is also a solid source of manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C and selenium.

Serving tips and suggestions

Chopping garlic stimulates the conversion of alliin to allicin (which is the compound responsible for many of garlic's health benefits). For maximum allicin production, wait a little while (ie about half an hour) between chopping garlic and cooking it.

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