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Mandarins - Daisy (Not Available)

Popular because of their large size, daisy mandarines are a cross between fortune and fremont mandarins and are known for their bold and aromatic flavour.


How do we make sure we provide top quality mandarins?

The trick to picking good mandarins is to choose ones that have evenly coloured skin, are heavy for their size, and are free of decay spots. The even colour means they weren’t left in the sun for long periods after picking, the heaviness indicates their juiciness, and the unblemished appearance ensures their freshness.

Where do we source our mandarins from?

Mandarins require a temperate to sub-tropical environment (similar to their originating environment in the subtropical regions of Asia). We try to source all of our mandarins from Victorian suppliers (from the Murray Valley or Sunraysia regions). If the Victorian supply is short, we try to source our mandarins from the Riverland region of South Australia, or the regions surrounding Griffith in New South Wales.

What is the best way to keep mandarins?

Optimal storage conditions for mandarins are at 7°C-10°C and between 90%-98% relative humidity. For longer life, you can store them in the refrigerator at a cooler temperature.

Mandarin nutritional information

Mandarins are a fantastic source of vitamin C and are also a solid source of folate and fibre. The imperial mandarin is also a good source of vitamin A.

Mandarin seasonal information

The Imperial mandarin season begins in March and continues through until about May. 

Mandarin serving tips and suggestions

Mandarins are incredibly diverse – they can be eaten fresh, used in deserts, cocktails, cakes, fruit flans, cheesecakes and pavlovas.


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Mandarins - Daisy (Not Available)

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