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Apricots (Not Available)

The refreshing flavour of an apricot makes them a total summer treat. And they’re versatile – eat them fresh, poach them, stew them, puree them, or add them to a fruit salad!

How do we make sure we provide top quality apricots?

We only supply apricots if they are firm, plump and well formed (not soft, mushy or wrinkly). We also check the colour – they should be a deep yellow or yellow-orange colour, with a bright appearance (not brown or dull).


We source most of our apricots from local growers, which means they have more time to tree-ripen and are noticeably sweeter than those that you find in the supermarket!

Where do we source our apricots from?

Interestingly, apricots grow all over the world – from Europe to Japan, South Africa to Siberia! We try to source our apricots from local growers (from around the Bacchus Marsh region), and if supply is low, we source from other Victorian locations, such as the Goulburn Valley, Mid-Murray, and Sunraysia regions. All these Victorian regions have the right growing conditions for apricots - a winter chill to break the apricot’s dormancy, a mild spring frost to protect the early spring flowers, and a relatively warm summer to ripen the fruit!

What is the best way to keep apricots?

Apricots store best stored at 0°C and 95% relative humidity. If you’re looking to ripen them, store them at room temperature.

Apricots nutritional information

Apricots are an excellent source of vitamin A and are a solid source of dietary fibre, vitamin E and vitamin C (which helps protect against heart disease and some cancers). They also have small quantities of thiamine, calcium and phosphorus.

Apricot seasonal information

Apricots are a sure sign that summer has arrived. They are available between October and March, with the main supply being between December and January.

Apricots serving tips and suggestions

Apricots originated in China at least 4,000 years ago, and as you would imagine, over the years many apricot-based recipes have been created! You can use them in chutneys, jams, compotes, salads and sorbets, to name a few.


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Apricots (Not Available)

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