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Dates (Fresh)

Product of America. Dates are the fleshy fruit of a palm, and have been described as natures candy. The date palm is believed to be the first tree crop cultivated by man. They are excellent eating by themselves, on a cheese platter, and in puddings.

How do we make sure we provide top quality dates?

Dates come in three types, soft, semi soft and dried. We ensure that the soft and semi soft dates we select are glossy, plump and smooth skinned. Slightly wrinkled dates are fine, however they should not be shriveled, cracked and dry. Dried dates should be heavily wrinkled, but very hard dates are avoided. We avoid buying dates with any signs of degradation, such as the off smell that signal spoilage or fermentation, and crystallized sugar on the surface which is an indicator of overly mature dates. 

Where do we source our dates from?

Date palms prefer a long hot growing season. Alice Springs, with its hot dry areas, is an ideal area for the growing of dates. Other regions of Australia that best support these conditions are around Gascoyne Junction in Western Australia, the Cunnamulla-Eulo area in Western Queensland and the Riverland region in South Australia. We also source dates internationally, when Australian supply is short.

What is the best way to keep dates?

Dates will remain fresh for a month or more at room temperature, otherwise store dates in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. Stored like this, frozen dates can retain their quality for up to a year, and refrigerated dates will keep for up to eight months.

Dates nutritional information

Dates are an excellent source of fibre (which keeps you regular) and a good source of iron. In Arab countries dates are often eaten with milk to boost protein content.

Dates seasonal information

Dates are available all year round.

Dates serving tips and suggestions

Delicious when eaten fresh, dates can also be used in fruit dishes, baked goods, ice creams and salads. Try adding to your favorite breads, muffins and cakes, or make a classic date dessert –roll it in coconut or dip it in chocolate!


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Dates (Fresh)

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