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Lychees (Not Available)

Considered as a symbol of romance for the Chinese, the sweet and juicy flesh of a lychee is fantastic when eaten raw, added to a salad or used as a topping for ice cream! Go on, tempt your tastebuds with a lychee today!

How do we make sure we provide top quality lychees?

We make sure the lychee is firm (not soft or gluggly), and has a full pink-red colour (a green tinge indicates the lychee was picked when unripe, and won’t ripen well). We also check for signs of decay (paying particular attention to the stem end as this is the first area to show signs of decay). Finally, we make sure the lychee is heavy for its size (which means they will be juicy!)

Where do we source our lychees from?

Lychess grow in tropical conditions; they require high rainfall, high humidity and high temperatures. Organic soils with high water tables provide the best growing conditions. We source most of our lychees from Tropical North Queensland.

What is the best way to keep lychees?

Lychees store best in an airtight plastic container in the fridge (optimal storage conditions are at 0°C and 90%-100% relative humidity). Keep them away from refrigerator fans – they tend to dehydrate them.

Lychee nutritional information

Lychees are a fantastic source of vitamin C (essential for the absorption of iron into the body). They also contain some dietary fibre and iron.

Lychee seasonal information

The lychee season begins in November and finishes by February.

Lychee serving tips and suggestions

Lychees are fantastic when eaten raw, or added to a salad or ice cream!

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Lychees (Not Available)

$0.00 Not Available

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