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Kiwi Fruit - Green

Product of New Zealand. Originating in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, kiwifruit are also known as the Chinese Gooseberry, and best known for their luscious green flesh, delicious taste, and furry brown skin. They are great when eaten raw, used in cakes, salads or pies!

How do we make sure we provide top quality kiwifruit?

We make sure the kiwifruit is plump and firm (the best indicators of freshness). We also make sure kiwifruit is a light or medium brown, and the skin is fully intact. They’re ripe when they yield slightly to pressure. We also check for skin blemishes (from handling injury etc).

Where do we source our kiwifruit from?

Kiwifruit are a temperate zone crop. They require temperatures below 10°C for 900-1200 hours during winter to get bud-break. Transfer of pollen from male to female flower is usually through achieved bees. When Victorian conditions permit, we source our kiwifruits from local Victorian growers (around Wangaratta or the Goulburn Valley area). If Victorian supply is short, we source our supply from New South Wales. Interestingly, kiwifruit are a native of China, not New Zealand – they originated in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The New Zealander’s were the first to realise its commercial potential however, hence the name.

What is the best way to keep kiwifruit?

Kiwifruit store best in an airtight plastic bag in the fridge (0°C and 10%-100% relative humidity). To hasten the ripening, put your kiwifruit in a brown paper bag with a banana or an apple – these fruits emit ethylene gas, which speed up the ripening process.

Kiwifruit nutritional information

Kiwifruit are a great source of vitamin C (one kiwifruit contains more than double the recommended daily intake). It is also a good source of potassium, dietary fibre, niacin, calcium and pantothenic acid.

Kiwifruit seasonal information

Kiwifruit are available year-round. Supply peaks between March and June.

Kiwifruit serving tips and suggestions

The entire kiwifruit is edible, flesh, pips and skin! Give the skin a go, it’s delicious! Kiwifruit are great when served with chicken or steak (they contain an enzyme which is a natural tenderizer of meat!)


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Kiwi Fruit - Green

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