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Corn - Baby

Product of Mexico. Asian-inspired, baby corn has a slightly sweet flavour and it holds the flavour of sauces very well. They are a colourful and tasty way to liven up your stir fry!

How do we make sure we provide top quality baby corn?

We only supply baby corn if it has a fresh light yellow colour, and is free of blemishes, pests and other unwelcomes. The cobs should also be well formed, with tight kernels. Finally, as an indicator of freshness, we check that the cob is crisp and firm.

Where do we source our baby corn from?

Baby corn is the same vegetable as sweet corn, only harvested very young (within two days of silks emerging). The best growers are in the East and South Gippsland areas, and we source most of our product from there.

What is the best way to keep baby corn?

Baby corn is best kept in the fridge on a tray and cling wrapped. You can also try storing it in an airtight container.

Baby corn nutritional information

Baby corn shares a lot of the nutritional goodies that sweet corn has. It is high in protein and vitamin B, and is also high in vitamin C, fibre, phosphorous and folate and contains some thiamine and niacin. It has been linked to cardiovascular and lung health, and also memory preservation.

Serving tips and suggestions

You can try halving baby corn lengthways and serving it on a plate with dips (baby corn tastes the same whether it is cooked or raw). It's also great steamed (as a side), in a salad, or in stir fries.

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Corn - Baby

$2.50 each

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