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Brussels Sprouts

We can promise fresh and nutritious Brussels sprouts delivered straight to your door … but we can't promise the kids will like them!

How do we make sure we provide top quality brussels sprouts?

We only supply brussels sprouts if they are firm and slightly springy to the touch (this is a good indicator of freshness). We also make sure they are dense in colour (no yellow or wilted leaves) and the outer leaves are not split. We stray from larger sprouts; they tend to be bland in flavour.

Where do we source our brussels sprouts from?

As the name suggests, Brussels sprouts originated around Brussels, Belgium. They grew well there because of the climate (average temperatures between 15-18°C) and the well-draining, nutritious soil. In Australia, we source most of our Brussels sprouts from the place with the most similar weather and soil conditions: Werribee, the 'Brussels Down Under'!

What is the best way to keep brussels sprouts?

Brussels sprouts are best kept in the fridge (optimum temperature is 0C and 95% relative humidity), in a perforated plastic bag. It's best not to wash or trim the sprouts before storing, as this will lead to quicker ageing.

Brussels sprouts nutritional information

Brussels sprouts are packed full of vitamin C (six lightly cooked Brussels sprouts will provide enough vitamin C for an adult’s daily intake) and indoles (nitrogen-based compounds that have been linked to cancer inhibition). They are also full of vitamin D, folic acid, potassium and vitamin K. Note that the outer leaves of the Brussels sprouts contain the most nutrients.

Brussels sprouts serving tips and suggestions

A chef's secret is to cut an 'X' in the bottom of the Brussels sprout; this helps the core to cook quickly, meaning that the entire Brussels sprout will be tender and juicy when you eat it.

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Brussels Sprouts

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