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Cauliflower **Our Farm -

Believed to have originated along the Mediterranean coast, cauliflowers are great served as crudités with dip, boiled in a soup, or topped with creamy sauce. They are an excellent source of iron, vitamin C and vitamin A.

How do we make sure we provide top quality cauliflower?

Simple - we grow them ourselves! Sam draws on three generations of horticultural experience to grow crisp, delicious and appetising cauliflower. When we harvest, we only hand-pick cauliflowers if they have a clean, firm and compact head. This means checking for any spots and speckles, bruises, and making sure that there are no loose or open floret clusters. We also check the colour of the cauliflower head to make sure that it is a white to off-white colour (the white colour is the result of healthy leaves protecting the head from sunlight; if they are green or yellow, the head wasn't adequately protected, and the cauliflower will taste bitter). The size of the cauliflower head varies with the seasons, so we make sure the head is just the right size for the time of year (if it's too large, the cauliflower will have a dry, woody taste; if its too small the cauliflower will have a bland, grassy taste). No matter the season, it must always be dense; density is one of the best measures of freshness.

Where do we source our cauliflower from?

Our cauliflowers usually come direct from our farm - planted, cultivated and hand-picked by Sam and the team. They grow well in our quick-draining and nutrient rich soils, but when conditions aren't favourable to growing cauliflowers on our farm (due to seasonality, crop rotation etc), we source our supply from other farmers around Bacchus Marsh and Werribee.

What is the best way to keep cauliflower?

Cauliflower is best stored in the fridge in an open perforated bag, or in a paper bag (either should stop the cauliflower from sweating). It is highly sensitive to ethylene, so don't store it with apples, melons, tomatoes or bananas.

Cauliflower nutritional information

Cauliflower is an excellent source of iron and vitamin C (100g provides 70% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C) and vitamin A - an ideal pair for optimal iron uptake into your system. It's also packed full of folate (vitamin B9), fibre, potassium, and it is low in fat.

Cauliflower serving tips and suggestions

Make sure that you cook your cauliflower quickly - rapid cooking preserves nutrients, colour and crispness. Try adding a tablespoon of milk or lemon juice to the cooking water. It will help keep the cauliflower white.



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Cauliflower **Our Farm -

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