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Chillies - Long (HOT!)

Originating from Latin America, Mexican chillies are very hot (a result of the presence of the compound known as capsaicin), which makes them a great way to spice up your tacos, curries and laksas!

How do we make sure we provide top quality hot chillies?

We only supply hot chillies if the skin is firm (this is an indication of the freshness of the chilli). If it is wrinkly or soft, it is inferred that the chilli is old, and will therefore lack flavour. Next, we check the stem of the chilli (this is the first area to show signs of ageing); it should be green and fresh. We then check the colour of the chilli; it should be bright and full-coloured.

Where do we source our hot chillies from?

We try to source our chillies from Victorian growers, near the Goulburn Valley and Sunraysia regions. If Victorian supply is low, we source from growers in New South Wales (around the Gosford, Griffith and Hunter Valley regions), or from the South Australian Riverland.

What is the best way to keep hot chillies?

Chillies store best in the refrigerator, in an airtight plastic bag. Optimal storage conditions are around 4°C.

Hot chilli nutritional information

Hot chillies have a high concentration of the compound capsaicin, which is the source of its hot flavour. They are a good source of vitamins C & A, and most B vitamins. Chillies have been linked to the inhibition of arthritis, and the effective treatment of sensory nerve disorders.

Serving tips and suggestions

Try drying the chilli and grinding it – this will produce a hot and flavour-packed condiment for your dishes! You can also add them raw to most dishes – for a little extra kick!

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Chillies - Long (HOT!)