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Capsicums - Yellow

As an ideal middle-ground, yellow capsicums are sweeter than the green capsicum, and crisper than the red. They add fantastic colour and vibrancy to any dish – a plate of dips, a stir-fry or stuffed with mushrooms!

How do we make sure we provide top quality yellow capsicums?

Simple - we grow them ourselves! Sam draws on three generations of horticultural experience to grow fresh, crisp and full-flavoured yellow capsicums. When we harvest, we hand-pick the capsicums and make sure the skin is firm, glossy and bright; no wrinkles, no soft spots, and no blemishes. We especially pay attention to the point where the stalk meets the skin, this tends to be the first area to show signs of decay. The shape of the capsicum is not an indicator of freshness or quality; it varies with soil type and climatic conditions.

Where do we source our yellow capsicum from?

Our yellow capsicums usually come direct from our farm - planted, cultivated and hand-picked by Sam and the team. They grow well in our quick-draining and nutrient rich soils. When conditions aren't favourable to growing yellow capsicums on our farm (due to seasonality, crop rotations etc), we source our supply from either the Goulburn Valley or Sunraysia regions - there are a number of established and experienced growers out that way!

What is the best way to keep yellow capsicum?

Capsicums are best stored at about 7-10°C and 90%-98% relative humidity, in an airtight plastic bag. If you store cut capsicum, try wrapping it in a paper towel - this absorbs excess moisture and makes it last longer in the fridge.

Yellow capsicum nutritional information

Yellow capsicums are high in vitamin C and are a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium and antioxidants, which neutralise harmful free radicals.

Yellow capsicum serving tips and suggestions

A native of Central and South America, capsicums are now grown all around the world, and are fused into dishes from all continents. Their brilliant colour means they not only add flavour, they also add aesthetic zeal to your meal!

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Capsicums - Yellow

$3.00 each

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