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Bok Choi **Local**

A native to China, bok choi is a base ingredient in many Asian dishes. It can also double as a sweet substitute for cabbage or spinach in many Western dishes!

How do we make sure we provide top quality bok choi?

We only supply bok choi if the stems are firm and turgid, the bulb is full-bodied, and the leaves are a healthy dark green (yellow or brown tinged leaves indicate over-maturity). There's good availability of bok choi year round, so you can include bok choi no matter the season.

Where do we source our bok choi from?

Bok choi grows best where the soil is nutrient rich and the conditions are cool and moist. We source most of our bok choi from a couple of our neighbours around Bacchus Marsh. They’ve been growing it for generations, and their produce is excellent!

What is the best way to keep bok choi?

Bok boi is best stored in an unsealed plastic bag in the fridge (optimal storage conditions are between 0-4oC and 90%-100% relative humidity) - don't wet bok choi before storing, this will make it age very quickly.

Bok choi nutritional information

Bok choi is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C and dietary fibre. A cup of shredded bok choi (approx 100 grams) supplies over half your daily vitamin A and vitamin C needs, with no fat or cholesterol!

Bok choi serving tips and suggestions

The light, refreshing taste of bok choi (a touch sweeter than cabbage) makes it ideal for use as an appetizer, in a salad, in stir fry, or as a traditional green vegetable substitute.

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Bok Choi **Local**

$1.99 each

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