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SPECIAL ALERT!! Avocados - Hass @ $1.30 each!

Claimed to be the ‘most nutritious fruit known to man,’ avocados can be enjoyed on toast (a splash of lemon juice or pepper for taste), added to a salad, mashed into guacamole, or used as a complement to a chicken dish... Delicious!

How do we make sure we provide top quality Hass avocados?

The best indication of quality is the firmness of the avocado. To test this, we cradle the avocado and gently press around the stem end of the fruit – if it yields slightly to the touch, it’s ready for eating. Hass avocados also change colour (from green to a purplish black colour) when they ripen – interestingly, they are the only variety or avocado to do so.

Where do we source our Hass avocados from?

Our Hass avocados come from the Sunraysia and Riverland areas. We also occasionally source from the East Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula areas.


If Victorian supply is short, we look to the more tropical climates of Queensland, such as the Atherton Tablelands or the Bundaberg and Tamborine Mountain regions. All these areas have good avocado growing conditions – rich alluvial soil and good rainfall.   

What is the best way to keep Hass avocados?

The best way to store an avocado is to keep it on the bench to ripen at room temperature. If you need an avocado to ripen quicker, try placing it in a brown paper bag with a ripe banana and keep at room temperature.

Hass avocado nutritional information

The avocado is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most nutritious fruit known to man. It is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, folic acid, and is a useful source of niacin and potassium. They are also a solid source of vitamin B2 and B3, and are the only fruit to contain fat in the form of monosaccharide (the ‘good fat,’ because it helps lower cholesterol). 

Hass avocado seasonal information

Hass avocados are in their peak from June until December.

Hass avocado serving tips and suggestions

Prepare an avocado by slicing it in two – cut along the centre lengthwise, and then twist it. Remove the seed by hitting it with a sharp knife, and then twist the knife.


Avocados are a native of Central America, and complement many Mexican and West Indies dishes. Also try them raw, in salads, or as an accompaniment to chicken or seafood dishes.

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SPECIAL ALERT!! Avocados - Hass @ $1.30 each!

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