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Oranges - Navel - Easy Peel (Not Available)

Navels got their name after the navel-like formation at the blossom end of the fruit. They are tremendously juicy, seedless and rich in flavour.

How do we make sure we provide top quality navel oranges?

We make sure the navel orange is firm and glossy (signs of surface damage such as softness and discolourations indicate more extensive damage within the orange). Importantly, we make sure the navel orange is heavy for its size (high density indicates a high juice level). Although colour is important, green-tinged oranges can sometimes be as juicy and delicious as full orange coloured ones (depending on the season). Finally, we check for common injuries and diseases (such as chilling injury, cold scald and olecellosis).

Where do we source our navel oranges from?

Navel oranges need a subtropical or temperate environment similar to their Northern China and Northern Indian origins. They also grow best in well draining soils (such as loams and sandy loams). We source Victorian oranges when they are available, from the hotter parts of the state (the Murray Valley or Sunraysia districts). Otherwise, we try to source them from the Riverland region of South Australia, or the Griffith or Murrumbidgee Irrigation regions of New South Wales.

What is the best way to keep navel oranges?

Oranges store best at 7°C-10°C and 90%-98% relative humidity. They store longest in the fridge. If your oranges are getting old, store them away from other produce – decaying oranges emit relatively high amounts of ethylene, which will spoil your other fruit.

Navel orange nutritional information

Oranges are a fantastic source of vitamin C (one orange provides twice the average daily intake). They are also a good source of folate and fibre.

Navel orange seasonal information

Navel oranges come into season in April, with the last oranges getting picked in about November. In the off season, we source oranges from overseas.

Navel orange serving tips and suggestions

Navels are the best oranges for eating, and also combine well with duck, pork, chicken and ham.

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Oranges - Navel - Easy Peel (Not Available)

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