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Persimmons - Vanilla **Organic** (Not Available)

Persimmons are regarded as the national fruit of Japan and are delicious when freshly sliced in a salad, or made into ice-creams, jams, purees or cakes. You can also use them to accompany pork, lamb or chicken! The bitterness of the astringent varieties is the result of the tannin content in the fruit, which makes them inedible until they are fully ripe.

How do we make sure we provide top quality persimmons?

We make sure the persimmon is soft (softness is an indicator of ripeness, if this variety isn’t ripe it will taste bitter). We also check that the fruit is plump, glossy and free from blemishes (caused by either handling injury or growth defects). Finally, we make sure the persimmon has a characteristic colour (an indicator that the sugar content is high).

Where do we source our persimmons from?

Persimmons require a temperate to subtropical environment. When available, we source our persimmons from Victorian suppliers (from around the Sunraysia district). Otherwise we source persimmons from growers in New South Wales (usually from Camden, Coffs Harbour or Gosford), or South Australia (the Adelaide Hills or Riverland regions).

What is the best way to keep persimmons?

Persimmons store best in the fridge at 0oC and 90%-100% relative humidity. Ripen them at room temperature.

Persimmons nutritional information

Persimmons are a solid source of vitamin C, vitamin A and dietary fibre.

Persimmons seasonal information

Persimmons are usually available between February and July. 

Persimmons serving tips and suggestions

The bitterness of the astringent varieties (the Flat seedless, Hiratenshi, Hachiya and Tane-Nashi) is the result of the tannin content in the fruit, which makes them inedible until they are fully ripe. 

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Persimmons - Vanilla **Organic** (Not Available)

$0.00 Not Available

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