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Blackberries (punnet)

A member of the rose family, blackberries are scrumptious when served as a pie, on top of your muesli, in a compote, or as part of a fruit or cheese platter!

How do we make sure we provide top quality blackberries?

We measure the taste and freshness of blackberries by making sure the fruit is plump in size, is well coloured and has a slightly misty appearance. We also make sure there are no other signs of decay, such as an overly ripe smell, soft or dark spots, excess juice at the bottom of the punnet, or age-related fur growing on the berries.

Where do we source our blackberries?

We source most of our Blackberries from boutique growers from around the Colac, Healesville and Myrtleford regions. If Victorian supply is short, we source blackberries from New South Wales (usually from Camden, Coffs Harbour, Gosford or the Hunter Valley). The best berries are always hand harvested, the grower gently massages the cluster and the berries that are ripe enough (in size and sweetness) simply fall off. 

What is the best way to keep Blackberries?

Blackberries are best stored in the fridge (optimal storage conditions are at 0oC and 90%-100% relative humidity). They tend not to store for very long, so make sure you use them quickly.

Blackberries nutritional information

Blackberries are a great source of vitamin E, vitamin C, folate, calcium, potassium and iron. Berries are bursting with bioflavonoids. Blackberries in particular contain anthocyanins, which inhibit cholesterol, and also ellagic acid, which is believed to help prevent cancer. Foods high in bioflavonoids help to strengthen vein structures, can ease osteoarthritis, and are key to maintaining healthy gums and preventing varicose veins.

Blackberries seasonal information

The blackberry season usually begins in December and peaks between January and February. Supply usually slows down by April.

Blackberries serving tips and suggestions

Blackberries are scrumptious straight out of the punnet, or when served as a pie, on top of your muesli, in a compote, or as part of a fruit or cheese platter.

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Blackberries (punnet)

$3.00 each

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