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What makes us different?

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We harvest just before we deliver

Buying direct from the farmer allows us to harvest just before we deliver. That means you can receive our farm fresh produce within one day of harvest, and you can’t beat that for freshness!



Hand-picked produce, grown by us

Attentive growing and hand-harvesting mean we are able to grow fruit & vegetables with individual character and multi-dimensional flavour. Over four generations of farming experience has taught us never to trade freshness for convenience, or taste for consistency.


We think that by growing the produce ourselves, we can give a little extra. From planting through to harvest, we invest our own hard work and expertise into tending and cultivating our crops.



Outstanding range of Australian gourmet products

We have a massive network of Australian artisan suppliers, including suppliers of gourmet fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, conserves, jams, cereals, breads, legumes, chutneys, biscuits and sauces. We take pride in bringing you the best products possible. All products are stocked at our award-winning farm shop in Bacchus Marsh.



Exceptional service

We believe that exceptional service has been the reason for our success over the last twenty years. Service with a banana smile, always!